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One of the important components of our online shop is the fact that the products sold are certified and are backed by a firm warranty from the manufacturers.

In order to fulfil the warranty service you need:

  • correctly and without blots and corrections filled in warranty card, which must contain the model and serial number of the product, the date of sale and the stamp of the sales organisation.;
  • proof of purchase (delivery note);
  • complete set of goods.

We also draw your attention to the fact that upon receipt and payment for the order, the buyer in the presence of the courier must check the completeness and appearance of the product for the absence of physical defects (scratches, cracks, chips, etc.) and completeness of the set. After the courier leaves, no claims on these issues are accepted.

Warranty service will not be performed if:

  • the warranty card has been lost or not filled in
  • the equipment was supplied to the Russian Federation unofficially
  • the product shows signs of mechanical damage or tampering
  • factory seals have been broken
  • conditions of operation, transport or storage have been violated
  • repairs were carried out by persons who are not employees of an authorised service centre
  • non-original components were used

A detailed description of the warranty conditions can be found in the documentation for the purchased product and/or on the website of the respective manufacturer.